Optimisation for search engines rankings

Optimisation for SERPS

Search engine rankings are the great leveller, the place where he content on your website counts more than what is in your bank account. Its the place where the small, family owned business can beat any of the household names.

Unfortunately, the search rankings and ratings systems can also be exploited unfairly and unethically. There are shady operators who will optimise hundreds of 'doorway' pages for keywords that really don't apply to what they offer.

Unethical SEO makes a nonsense of the search rankings and make web positioning a questionable business. It also creates friction between the search industry and e-businesses who benefit from having successful positions.

This site is all about making the most of website marketing, maximising your potential and your profit, and above all, creating sustainable business on the internet. As such, we'll be focused on the more 'ethical' or long-term methods of search engine optimisation.

Ethical optimisation is about using the methods that will help get your Ecommerce business better rankings without getting you banned or on the wrong side of the search industry.

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