How to Achieve More with Your Website

Is your website producing the results you hoped for? Unfortunately, large numbers of businesses spend vast amounts of money on websites that end up achieving very little. With so many potential shoppers and customers spending a lot of time online, this should not be the case. Below are some of the most effective ways you can achieve more with your website from now on.

Determine Exactly What Your Website Should Achieve

It’s vital to carry out the appropriate research, planning and preparation before developing a new website or upgrading your existing website, including the content. Once you do this groundwork, you will be in a much better position to set goals and focus on specific outcomes.
You should consider working alongside a professional copywriting company like DDA. These types of website providers have all of the tools, skills and knowledge required to help you reach your online goals.

Add a Video

Whether your website if for a business, or if it’s simply personal, adding a video to your site will always help you improve its performance, these could range from training videos to business videos.
Only 25% of people will actually read the information on your website if it is simply text and an image, whereas by providing a video with a concise version of the information you are providing you will attract an additional 75% of the visitors to your site.
Hiring a video production company to help you provide your site's visitors with a well-produced video, will optimise the amount of time spent by viewers to your site.

Create an Online System

Simply creating a basic website is not enough these days. Instead, your website should be part of a powerful sales and marketing system. Effective ways to do this include adding an e-commerce store, a forum, a membership area, a blog and any other features that will enhance your website visitors’ experience. Creating social media profiles and distributing your website content to these social media websites will make your website an even more effective tool to reach potential customers and shoppers.

Increase Website Visitor Interaction

Creating a high-quality website and social media accounts is all good and well. However, you need to go one step further and make sure there is plenty of communication and interaction taking place. You can do this by consistently publishing high quality content, joining online discussions, answering questions and encouraging your website visitors to comment and interact with other people who come to your website.

Add Strong Calls to Action

Many websites attract a lot of visitors, but these visitors leave again without carrying out the actions the website owner hoped for. Examples of this include website visitors who don’t purchase products and services, website visitors who don’t share your content or people who don’t subscribe to your email lists. Adding strong calls to action will ensure that these shoppers and potential customers know exactly what they need to do on your website. This simple change can greatly increase your websites return on investment.

Use the Latest Technologies Available

Unfortunately, many website owners and business owners are afraid of change. However, many of the technological changes that are taking place now could have a positive effect on the performance of your website. For instance, mobile technologies have dramatically changed the way people shop and buy products and services online. The organisations that have embraced these changes are seeing the benefits of this and it’s a change every website owner should make.
A modern website has the potential to become an extremely powerful and efficient online sales and marketing tool. Despite this, many website owners don’t develop their websites properly and fail in their online efforts. Following the tips above will ensure that this does not happen to you and your website.

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