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How to Keep the Creative Juices Flowing When Creating Content

Content is king when it comes to SEO. The better your content, the more it is shared and talked about, the higher Google will rank you on their SERPs. Creating that compelling content, and creating it consistently, however, can be a challenge. You need to not only come up with new and great ideas, but you also need to ensure every piece of content is engaging, well-written, and properly formatted. Over time, this can become increasingly challenging, but by adopting these tips into your daily routine, you can keep those creative juices flowing.

Create a Stimulating Work Environment

The first step to getting the creative juices flowing is to make your work environment more creative and stimulating. Have art on the wall and figurines or stress busters to play with can do wonders to help stimulate your brain and help you keep working on content creation. Other ways to improve your work environment are to bring in natural elements. Plants are great desk buddies and, if you choose plants that offer the best air-purifying properties, you can double their benefits.

Listen to the Right Kind of Music

Music is powerful. It is a universal language that every person on the planet understands. It also can produce different effects depending on which music you choose to listen to. Music can help you relax, it can help stimulate your mind, it can make you cry or laugh. By choosing music that helps you be productive, you can actually work faster, better, and more consistently than you have ever before.

Schedule Your Day

Mental fatigue does happen when you force yourself to do the same task all day long. That is why it is actually best to split up your day doing different tasks. Answer emails for fifteen minutes, spend an hour writing, spend an hour formatting, and so on. This way you can keep up the pace and stay on track.

Have Fun Breaks in Between

Regardless of whether you create content for a company or for your own project, you must take breaks and make those breaks count. While yes it is all too easy to let micro breaks take over and ruin any workflow you might have otherwise developed, not taking on strategic breaks can lead to mental fatigue and procrastination. Take time off three times during your workday, once for a short ten minutes or so in the morning, once for lunch, and once in the afternoon.

There are three main components your break will need:

  1. A healthy snack
  2. Exercise
  3. Something fun to occupy your mind.

There are so many ways you can stay creative when creating content. The brain needs to be stimulated, and it needs a break, so better your workspace, listen to music that puts you in the right mood, and schedule your day better so that you don’t become mentally fatigued.

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