Creating Video Content for Marketing

Each year a new set of marketing predictions are rolled out and each year we see movements in terms of marketing trends; experts who tell us what channels we can use and how we can use them to build even better marketing campaigns that we did last year. At the beginning of 2017, many experts are predicting that video marketing is going to be the big player this year in the marketing world.

If you’ve been delivering marketing campaigns for some time then you will have seen all of the latest trends coming and going, or coming and staying but being re-invented. From the introduction of easy-to-use email templates to bulk SMS text messages, you have probably tried and tested the effectiveness of numerous strategies along the way.

Video marketing is not a new idea, marketing professionals have been using video for many years but as often happens in the marketing world, when people like YouTube and Facebook start pulling the strings, the way that people like to consume information changes.

Facebook Live

The introduction of Facebook Live will see businesses increasingly using this channel to promote their services. It couldn’t be much easier to create a video than it is these days. If you are a fitness class instructor for example, the effectiveness of streaming 30 seconds of your class is a lot more powerful than if you were to write a long page of content that describes the activities that you cover in your classes. It gives people a real insight into how your class works and how fun or energetic it looks, whilst text alone does not have that power. Also, the fact that they can view it in 30 quick seconds means that they aren’t wasting time.

The one thing you should be wary of however is timing. If you plan carefully, you will stream the 30 best seconds of your class, so maybe ask someone to record it for you at a time when you know the class is usually going well.

360 Videos

A number of industries are already using 360 videos to gain an advantage over the competition and produce content that is more useful to a consumer. As an example, hotels are now using 360 videos to give viewers a virtual reality experience of being in the hotel, rather than looking at static photos that leave a lot of questions unanswered. Estate agents are also using 360 videos to showcase properties; this can save time in terms of taking people out for viewings and also help buyers to decide whether it is worth physically viewing the house. There are lots of potential buyers that see a couple of photos and think they want to view the house but when they get there, it is nothing like what the photos had led them to believe. 360 videos can give them a much clearer idea of what to expect, saving time for the agent, the viewer and the property owner.

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